Cultural Event Proposal Form

Cultural Event Proposal Form

Welcome and thank you for deciding to help us enrich our cultural events database!

Before start filling the form below I want to tell you a few important things. Here in the ExoticSpy community, we want to inspire people to go to cultural events because we believe that’s the best way of discovering the world’s wonders. But that’s not enough to get people on the move. It’s not enough to only show them nice pictures and tell them how good it feels to be there. Well before taking the final decision to go there, most people will have a ton of questions about dealing with local realities. They will ask themselves things like “how I get there“, “how much money I should have”, “how safe is there” and so on. And if they will not find enough answers to these questions what do you think they’ll do?

Exactly! They will give up! Or will postpone it until the end of time.

So if we want real results, if we want to convince more people to go to your suggested event, we need to put in more serious work. By that I mean us putting in their shoes and give them enough answers to make them feel both:

  • curious and;
  • confident that they can successfully deal with the practical issues involved.

Well, there’s no way of doing that with only a few words. That’s the reason for which the Cultural Event Submission Form below offers you so many fields.

Sounds scary? Calm down! Only a small number of them are mandatory. If your time is short you can fill only the mandatory fields.
To make things easier for you (and also for me) I have a few recommendations:

  • try to answer all the questions stated below each field in the form. That should help you figure out quickly what kind of info I expect;
  • if you can’t fulfill now all the optional fields but you want to do it later, you can do so by filling again this form. Just add the word “Update” before the event name (in the Event Name field) and I will take care of the rest.

Here’s what you’ll get in return:

  • you’ll be listed in the contributors list placed at the end of the event page;
  • if you are offering touristic services you can increase their visibility by having them published on this website;
  • the same goes also if you have a website page with more in-depth info on everything related to this event or other similar events;
  • if you love your town and country keep in mind that your effort will help foreign people to know them better, to visit them more often and, in the end, to love them too.

Now, tell us about your cultural event! 🙂