Welcome to Exotic Spy

Welcome to EXOTIC SPY!
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Last update: 07 Dec, 2022

We live in a world overwhelmed with options about how we can have fun, live better and know more. The marketing and carefully crafted advertising often manage to distract us from what we really want with shinny things we often don’t really need. We live in an era where the general perspective about how life should be is completely distorted by media. All these lead often to the same result: a never-ending and exhausting struggle to fit illusory standards, a life that feels incomplete and fake. In short, it leads to a wasted life.

I am tired of this! For me, the best escape I found from this rat race is traveling to explore and enjoy the world as it is. As much as my time and money permit. On my own. To cure my ignorance with my own eyes. To see how other cultures live their lives in order to learn how I can improve mine.

If you feel the same, I wish you a warm welcome to this website and I hope you’ll find it useful for your future journeys.

I humbly admit that no one can know what are the best travel experiences you should try. No one knows what you feel or what you need. No one knows your priorities or what is really worth your time and money. Only you can know that. That’s why the main purpose of this website is stripped down to: quickly find which destinations best fit our individual interests, time and money.

The basic idea is not to brag about my expeditions but to help you to start your own trips. It would be a waste of time to only share my subjective experiences (which I am pretty sure you don’t really care). Instead, I want to convince and help you have your own travel experiences.

Some people say that, in order to get what you want, you need to carefully plan each step. On the other hand, others say that you should always let some room for surprises, for unplanned opportunities or right-on-the-spot decisions. These two ideas might seem quite contradictory but, after a lot of thinking, I managed to combine them in one simple travel philosophy:

Always have a cultural event as your travel goal and a list of nearby attractions as additional options. In this way, your main expectations have the best chances to be fulfilled and you’ll still have some flexibility for right-on-the-spot decisions.

The first two website sections – Cultural Events and Attractions Maps – are structured according to this travel philosophy. The last one – Travel Insights – is reserved for in-depth info and examples about how you can successfully apply this travel style.

Now, let me tell you a few more things about each of these sections.

For me, it’s not enough to only reach a particular destination, take a walk around for a few camera shots, and have some fancy meals. That looks like a very bad investment of time and money. Instead, I always aim to taste what can never be fully caught on Instagram or Youtube: the local spirit, the genuine feeling of living there. Well, the best way of experiencing that is to focus your trips on going to local specific Cultural Events. 

To make that easy for you, the Cultural Events section lets you browse/filter through future events that fall in the “local specific” type. Each listed event contains info about its name, place, dates, and dates confirmation status (whether the event dates are finally settled or not).  Hovering the mouse cursor over each event image shows a quick answer to two essential questions:

  • what is the purpose of this event;
  • what you can see or experience if you attend to it.

Each page that lists future events has (on the bottom side) a button linking to a “sister” page which lists past events (events whose end date is older than the current date). So if you can’t find anymore some events, most probably they became past events and are visible only on the past events pages.

Next, by clicking on an event title you’ll get to a page which in time will contain more info about it and about how you can get there in the best possible, safe, and cheap way. This is a task which implies a great amount of knowledge about the local realities and for this reason I mostly rely on the help of the local collaborators. You too can help (click here to see how)!

Most of the times, your main trip goal will leave you enough time to explore other nearby touristic attractions. The purpose of the Attraction Maps section is to help you find which of them best fit your interests and taste.

This section is still under construction.

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Well my friend, this is my plan about exploring the world like a PRO. This is my plan about traveling in the right place at the right time to get the most of what you want. I hope you’ll like my travel ideas and the info published on this website.

I am open to any critics, improvement or collaboration suggestions. If you have any please email them to me to [email protected]